“Marriage is like music - both are playing different parts, but as long as you’re playing from the same sheet music, you can create something beautiful.”


If you fancy something different (and a lot of fun) at your wedding, why not make your very own music video?

Right Here Productions can shoot a music video starring the happy couple, their families and all of their wedding guests. We can even film the key moments of the wedding day and include them in the video along with everyone lip syncing along to a favourite song. 

Marryoke is a great way to get your guests having a laugh from the start of your day. We pride ourselves on our ability to get the best out of people and we're not afraid to make fools of ourselves in order to get the best shots possible! 

The two Marryoke videos on this page give you an idea of what we can create and hopefully you'll agree that it's a lovely memento of such a special day.

Please see below for more information. If you're in the midst of wedding planning, we'd love to hear from you - use the Contact Form at the bottom of the page to get in touch.


“Right Here Productions managed to capture on film the love, fun and happiness of a wonderful day.”