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Murder Mystery Evenings

Since November 2015, RHP has been providing Murder Mysteries for a number of local venues including Durn House, Pittodrie House Hotel and the Beach Ballroom. With an ever-growing list of scenarios and a wealth of talented actors, our Murder Mystery events are not to be missed!


Have a look at the titles we have on offer and contact us using the form below if you would like to find out more.

Lights, Camera, Murder!

To celebrate the last day of filming, Hollywood director Cameron James invites you to a wrap party. The movie may be over, but the drama is just beginning…

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Heartbreak Hotel - Check in for Murder!

It’s 1958 and the town of New Garioch, Pennsylvania is preparing to welcome home their local hero. There’s lipstick on his collar and skeletons in his closet… will his luck run out? Who will make it out alive? Join us to find out…


Things that go BUMP in the Night

Graeme Reaper invites you to his annual fancy dress Halloween party. He’s famous for his scary tricks and spooky stories, but he didn’t plan a real murder… or did he? 

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Amateur Dramatics - From Stage to Scream!

An amateur dramatics society hosts a cabaret evening but things soon turn sinister when their guest artiste is found dead. During the evening, the company will perform musical numbers as light entertainment, but be prepared for things to turn dark…


Table for Six, Murder at Eight

Six strangers find themselves invited to the same party on Halloween. They’re about to find out that they have something in common. Murder. Join us to solve the mystery...

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Murder at the Manor

Lord Granton and his staff invite you to his stately home for champagne, canapes... and murder! Don’t underestimate the staff - they know more than you think…

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Let's Misbehave - Murder at the Montgomery Mansion

You are cordially invited to the Roaring Twenties and the grandest party you’ve ever seen. Anything can happen at a Montgomery affair - drinking, dancing… murder. Join us for a party you’ll never forget! 

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The Kilted Killing

It’s the night before the wedding of Laird Hamish Strathsporran and Tiffany Banks. As secrets are revealed, things quickly turn sour. Will Tiffany make it down the aisle? Will this wedding be the death of her? Join us to find out…