A weekend of blood, sweat and... murder! - October 2017

What a weekend we've had!

Friday had us at Fyvie Castle for our first Murder Mystery evening there. Notice I say 'first' - we're really hoping it was the first of many events at the castle - we had an absolutely brilliant night. The guests were very appreciative and so enthusiastic, interrogating our actors all night! And the staff were incredibly welcoming and helpful. The servers, who usually work in the castle's tearoom, did a fantastic job and their attention to detail was great. Check out the table numbers they had printed.

Table One.jpg

In fact, the whole room was a sight to behold - so beautiful, yet super spooky!

Fyvie Castle Room.jpg

Then on Sunday, we motored up to Banff to shoot a 'trailer' and some video evidence, and take some evidence photos for our next Murder Mystery, Lights, Camera... Murder! at the Fife Lodge Hotel. Lots of fun was had by all and it was an absolutely beautiful day... if a little windy!

Gotta love a car selfie!

Gotta love a car selfie!

Because only four of the seven actors were available on Sunday, we also had a photo shoot on Monday night where we used a green screen so we can slot people into the right photographs in post production. It's always a laugh doing these because the actors don't have much of a clue what's going on, especially those who haven't done this scenario before. But as always, everyone was great and the photos are looking fab! Can't share them here though in case we give anything away! 

The rest of this week will see us finally getting a chance to write again. The Burnett Arms in Banchory has booked us to perform Amateur Dramatics: From Stage to Scream! This is a scenario we have been dying (ha!) to do, but until now, it hadn't been picked up. We can't wait to get cracking on this new scenario, which is going to include musical performances from our cast as well as all the usual secrets, lies and, well, deaths! Keep an eye on our Events page - we'll post info on this event very soon.

But for now, I'll leave you with a few more photographs from our event at Fyvie Castle - a perfect venue for a Murder Mystery!

Fyvie Castle in the sun.jpg
Fyvie Castle at Night.jpg
Alison Telfer