Happy New Year! - February 2018

Oops... can't believe January has disappeared on me! Oh well - Happy New Year to all our friends and followers! 

And what a start to the year it's been for us. At the end of 2017, we knew we had to gear ourselves up for a fairly hectic time, particularly for Murder Mysteries from January onwards. However, in the last month, we've received yet more bookings and confirmations which means we have a whopping twelve Murder Mystery events booked in from now until May!

To put this into some context, when we first started offering these events, we spoke about what would be our ideal scenario 'if these Murder Mysteries were to take off'. We decided that one a month would mean we'd made a success of it... So to have twelve in the first five months of 2018 is truly amazing and we're so chuffed that not only are venues come back to us for repeat business, but our actors seem to be keen to reprise their roles and try some new ones. So far, we've written two new scenarios and have at least another two to write for this year, so keep an eye on the 'Murder Mysteries' and 'Events' pages of the website for news on new titles and all our public events!

Our first event of 2018 was a rip roaring success! It was our second Murder Mystery at Fyvie Castle, but this time it was a Scottish theme for Burns Night. The Kilted Killing went down a treat and we had an absolute ball! And we will be forever grateful to our new pal Stewart Aitken who stepped into the role of Hamish Strathsporran with two days' notice. We hope Celine and the staff at Fyvie will have us back again soon! 

Photograph courtesy of Jamie Smith -  https://www.instagram.com/jamies_92/

Photograph courtesy of Jamie Smith - https://www.instagram.com/jamies_92/

The other major news for us this year is that we have a brand new HQ! We've made the leap from a 'Home Office' to new premises as part of the 'Inverurie Business Hub' on Burghmuir Circle in Inverurie. I cannot tell you how good it feels to have everything in one place and to be able to swivel round in my chair and actually find the thing I'm looking for! And the SPACE!! It's not a huge office, but it feels incredibly roomy compared to what we've worked with in the past. In the interests of complete honesty, I have to say it's also nice to be able to close the door at the end of the day and physically walk away from 'work' and head for home and family and proper free time (she says while typing a blog post on her sofa at 9.50pm... the intention to separate work and home is there at least!) 

Turning to Videography, January saw us editing away at the Attic Pantomime and the lovely Debbie and Natalie's wedding and Marryoke. The Marryoke in particular was a joy to work on - it was such a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun asking people to lark about to a super catchy pop song! 'I don't know the words!' ... sure you don't, I'll just press play here and- oh look at that, you're word perfect! 

We also made a short video for Mid Deeside Church who are in the initial stages of looking for a new minister. They were keen to make a quirky wee video and we were more than happy to oblige! We were made to feel incredibly welcome and can honestly say that any minister would be very lucky to be part of this lovely community.  

The first half of 2018 sees us at lots of Aberdeen venues filming a variety of different shows and performances from drama schools to G&S to hip hop - we're all about eclecticism here! Between editing these gigs, writing and preparing Murder Mysteries, and let's just throw in a couple of RHP Sing gigs while we're at it, I have a feeling our wee office is going to be a hive of activity! As always, keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for the most up to date news. 

Bye for now! :)

Alison Telfer