Oh dear… February 2019

So it seems that 2018 was so busy I totally forgot to blog. My last entry was February last year, so now is a perfect opportunity to start up again.

We really did have a busy time of it last year - we hit the milestone of 1,000 likes on Facebook and performed to our 1,000th Murder Mystery guest. Not sure exactly who that guest was, but we’re definitely past the thousand mark! And we were hosted at lots of new venues too - Drum Castle (at Hallowe’en, perfect!), Haddo House and of course Peterhead Prison Museum to name a few. And I’m delighted to say that each one of these venues are keen to book another event this year - watch this space! Or the Events page, to be exact!

Some lovely filming gigs last year too. Many returning customers including The Aberdeen Gilbert and Sullivan Society, Aberdeen Student Show and West End Dance Studio. This year, we already have three dance schools booked in for their shows and we’re looking forward to even more. Sadly, due to Maternity Leave, we can only take bookings from June onwards, but please do get in touch if you’d like your performance filmed, or if you require any other filmmaking service.

Just two weeks before Annabelle arrived, I did my last gig for RHP in September. I had warned the client that there was a chance that I would have to pull out last minute, but luckily baby stayed put and I was able to make a brilliant Marryoke video for Callum and Stevie Watson-Ross. Despite waddling around all day and ending up with fairly swollen ankles, I had an absolute ball and the end result really captures the fun and joy of the day. We already have two Marryokes booked in this year so if you fancy something different on your wedding day, give us a shout! We’ll be exhibiting at the Inverurie Wedding Weekend on the 27th and 28th April so feel free to come see us at The ByRhea Studio on Chelsea Road, Inverurie.

2018 also saw us taking part in an array of musical performances, including our Disney concert and some hilarious Singing Waiter gigs. Have a look on the RHP Sing page and watch a video from a wedding we surprise performed at in September. Thanks to Flat 4D Media for the video clip!

And I think that’s us more or less up to date! We had such a fun year and are so looking forward to 2019, which is filling up already. Work is best when it doesn’t feel like work at all and that’s how I feel every day. Here’s to another year with RHP! Signing off, for now (hopefully not for so long this time!) with a video of one second from every work day last year - enjoy!

Alison Telfer